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For over 40 years, Ny Teknik has been reviewing and reporting on the latest developments in the technology industry. It studies technological innovations and follows the trends in this interesting marketplace.

In Ny Teknik you will find the latest news and read about products, trends and innovations. You can read about start-ups that might be the new Ericsson or Microsoft of tomorrow. We are at the cutting edge of covering expansive businesses and markets like IT, telecoms, energy and biotechnology and how new technologies are used in the industry.

Target group: Decision makers in the IT- and technology area. Engineering graduates, technicians and IT- specialists.

Edition: 157 300 (the Swedish Audit Bureau of Circulations 2012)

Number of readers: 200 000 (Orvesto Business 2012) 268 000 (Orvesto Consumer 2012)

Ny Teknik is issued every Wednesday with a total of 40 issues per year.

Our website www.nyteknik.se
Nyteknik.se is Sweden’s leading news site covering technological development within IT, telecoms, energy, environment, automation, aviation and all things driving industry and our society forward. Daily, rapid news from all over the world is complemented with substantial coverage.

Ny Teknik Jobb
Ny Teknik Jobb is distributed weekly with Ny Teknik and is the strongest channel in Sweden for reaching highly educated engineers, technicians and IT- specialists. All recruitment ads can be found on Nyteknik.se/jobb and one of our popular services is E-mail Alerts, where the subscriber chooses certain criteria and frequently receives an email with the latest recruitment ads matching their profile.

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Susanna Baltscheffsky
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  157 300
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